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About Us




24-Hour Services providing:

  • Installation versatility
  • Supervision and manpower to handle any size project
  • Experienced crews for installing all types of Refractorys
  • Chemical Proofing Materials & Coatings


·         Stainless

·         Ceramic

·         Cast Alloy

·         Stud Welding

Fire Brick

·         Rotary Kilns

·         Arches

·         Suspended Roofs

·         Cyclones

·         Ducts

Plastic Refractories

·         Rammed

·         Gunite


·         Rotary Kilns

·         All types of Furnaces

Castable Refractories

·         Gunite

·         Vibe-cast

·         Pump Cast

Ceramic Fiber

·         Blanket

·         Modules

Acid Brick & Protective Coatings

·         Tank Linings

·         Trenches

·         Floors

·         Walls

·         Pads




·         Full-time staff, capable of engineering linings for small to large furnaces

·         Budget Estimates and Inspections 



·         Design, engineer, and casting of “Special Shapes” for quick installations

·         Refractory Dry-Out under a controlled environment in the shop or on job site 



Crews capable of designing, engineering, fabrication and erection:

·         Nose Ring Castings

·         Tail Ring Castings

·         Retainer Rings

·         Chain Systems

·         Bull Noses

·         Roofs

·         Walls

·         Ducts

·         Castings

·         Air Blaster Nozzles

·         Expansion

·         Joints

·         Shelf Plate

·         Steel Plate

·         Vortex Finders

·         Suspended Roofs

·         Duct & Pipe Linings



·         Job site tracking and pre-job scheduling with Microsoft Project

·         Project cost reports can be provided on a daily basis



B&B Industrial Services, Inc. realizes that Safety is a core value for our company. BBIS enjoys unwavering upper management support for safety and has achieved significant recognition for its safety performance and process from industry associations and owners alike. Everyone from our President to the field employees working on the project sites are not just expected to work safely - they are empowered to do so. Further, we believe that a strong safety culture greatly reduces the real cost of injuries and enhances goodwill in the community.

We provide a "Drug Free" workplace for all of our employees.

In taking the proper procedures in hiring the "right person with the right altitude", the employee when given a choice, prefer to work on a safe job. This helps the team meet schedule milestones and delivers projects to our customers on time.

BBIS's in house Safety Directors, each trained by OSHA and MSHA directs our company's safety training program. The results of having our in house Safety Directors training our field employees are reflected in our OSHA & MSHA Recordable Incident Rate.

For company's Safety Manual, current Mod-Rate status contact:
Reginald Howell - Safety Director




Craft Employment


B&B Industrial Services staffs our worksites with a structured approached that maximizes quality, consistency and safety while insuring that the job is staffed with the most experienced supervision and craft personnel available. 


Maximize Use of the Local Labor Force


B&B Industrial Services is committed to contributing to the well-being of the local communities where we work. Utilizing qualified local bricklayers and laborers is part of the commitment. Our employment records enable us to research a database of former employees in the local area to contact qualified employees from the local work force. Along with the help of local unions, we are able to mix our experienced traveling personnel to staff the project and help train new employees for future work in the area. On the average, 50 to 60% of BBIS's workforce is employed from the local communities. 



The local unions provide the basic training of our tradesmen. In addition, we consistently provide the individual on-site training for the apprentice bricklayers and laborers supplied to us by the local unions. On the site, we will train the apprentice the actual use of the hand tools and field engineering required to support their trade. 

Apprenticeships for bricklayers and laborers are sponsored by local contractors or by local union-management committees. The bricklayer apprenticeship program requires 3 years of on-the-job training, in addition to a minimum 144 hours of classroom instruction each year in subjects such as blueprint reading and drawing, mathematics, layout work, welding and sketching. The laborer apprenticeship requires 1 year of on the job-site training and OSHA safety training.

Bricklayer Apprentices often start by working with laborers, carrying materials, mixing mortar, and building scaffolds. This period generally lasts about six months and familiarizes the apprentice with job routines and materials. Next, they learn to lay, align, and join brick. Apprentices also learn to work with firebrick, castable, and anchor welding, which enables them to be certified to work with more than one masonry material.

Applicants for apprenticeships must be at least 17 years old and in good physical condition. A high school education is preferable; and courses in mathematics, mechanical drawing, and shop are helpful. The International Unions and the contractors who employ its members, operates training centers in several large cities that help jobseekers develop the skills needed to successfully complete the formal apprenticeship program.

Special Training Programs

We are one of the few Refractory Contractors that have on ongoing Shotcrete Training Program, to learn the Shotcrete system. This training requires a Nozzle-man to have 10 hours of technical examinations and 200 hours of actual application. In addition, we have in house 5 qualified Shotcrete Training Instructors. An Instructor is required to have over 500 hours of actual application and 20 hours of technical examinations.