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Shotcrete & Pumpcast Service


Refractory - Wet Process

Shotcasting and pumpcast are quickly becoming the preferred method of installing monolithic linings due to developments in materials, equipment technology, and cost benefits.  This method of placement for many low cement castables as well as higher cement conventional castables, may result in more applications that promise to consume the larges volume of bagged refractory.  

Today, nearly every integrated U.S. steel mill, cement plant, and petro-chem installation will use shotcreting and pumpcasting as a part of their refractory practice.  Higher outputs combined with the excellent refractory properties, partially due to reducing the percentage of water in the mix, have also contributed to this trend.  In addition, more effective use of time and labor have helped promote and spread the wide use of shotcreting and pumpcasting.  There is also almost no dust - an advantage when the refractory installation is in a confined area. The shotcrete method is formless, we can perform concrete rehabilitation to any type of structure with little or no down time.

Shotcrete & Pumpcast:

The Latest Installation System

Throughout the years, B&B Industrial Services has been the industry leader in providing the latest Refractory Installation Procedures and the "state of the art equipment".   

The Wet Shotcrete system was created by the concrete contracting industry. In the 90's some Refractory Contractors incorporated this system into our industry. In 1996 B&B Industrial was one of the first Refractory Contractors to use this method in CA, the Midwest, and in the Southeastern states.

The system has been called several different names such as; Shotcast, Jet Crete, Guncrete, whatever called, it is still the same type of system and the same type of equipment is used throughout the industry.

To make sure we keep abreast with the proper procedures we send several of our full-time employees to training seminars annually, to become certified Nozzelmen and Trainers. The training and examination requires a history of 500 hours of actual working knowledge of surface preparation, equipment, start-up procedures, proper placing / nozzling technique, finishing, and curing. The examinee must place wet-mix shotcrete in the vertical position and has the option to place wet-mix shotcrete in the overhead position. Plus, the industry's standard techniques of forming and pumpcasting.

In the use of shotcrete and pumpcast, there are several advantages for the specifying and purchasing communities. Both from the economic standpoint, and from a quality and durability perspective. Economically, the placement of materials can reach as much as ten tons an hour; this is unmatchable by conventional gunite systems. The quality and durability can only be surpassed, by forming and pouring castables using a batch mixer.  


The Original Shotcrete Installation System

This system has been around for a very long time and still one of the best systems in the industry to install a Refractory Lining. Our Gunite crews has years of experience in using this system and their quality of workmanship is among the best in the industry. Our equipment is the most efficient and low maintenance gunite equipment available.

When our crews are installing your Shotcrete, Pumpcast or Gunite materials, you are assuring yourself that you have the most qualified crews in the industry, and you are eliminating the uncertainties of getting the best job for your money.